Monday, January 23, 2006

Assessment of Marcin Baszczynski

Received this excellent assessment of (possible Repka replacement) today. Think it was from someone called Piter. Great assessment and a Cokney Reject fan too! Thanks Piter.

"Marcin is a born fullback, pacey, aggressive & hardworking, with much better coordination and agility than Repka has; he loves to charge down the right but he also likes to defend - he marks the opponents tight - and that's his main strength. He's also got a great character, determined & professional, beloved by Wisla fans, hot tempered and frank to the bone (no matter whether it's a referee or a wrestler). He cannot dribble as well as Glen does, but he's better at anticipating and defending generally; a perfect addition for the freeflowing kind of play that Yossi prefers.

One more question: I'm a WestHam fanatic since the late 90's (teenage Oi! passions led me to Boleyn Ground through the Cockney Reject and the Cocksparrer music, then 'the spirit of '69' and so on...) so if anyone want to share with me or ask about Marcin or any other Wisla Polish player , just mail me : .Believe me, I just love the Irons and I'm a true fan, COME ON YOU IRONS!!! WISLA PANY!!!"


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