Monday, February 27, 2006

West Ham Physiotherapist Niall Clark Speaks

Today the West Ham site has an interesting interview with Niall Clark, the West Ham physiotherapist who joined the Hammers from Reading this season. In the interview Clark makes it clear that Pardew is the main reason he came to West Ham, "I made a big decision to come here after five years at Reading because, when I joined, West Ham were favourites for relegation from the Premier League. People thought I was taking a chance, but I wasn't, because it all comes down to trust, and I trust the manager more than anyone I have worked for."

West Ham's excellent fitness record this year has played an important part in the team's success. With a relatively small squad it is important that there are not too many injuries at any one time. Clark's training regime seems to have been successful in achieving this aim and he highlights how teams such as Newcastle have struggled this season because of injuries to key players throughout the season.


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