Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lineker Criticises Pardew

Gary Lineker writing in the Torygraph today has criticised Alan Pardew's complaints against having to play in the cup on a Monday straight after a Saturday game.

"Having the FA Cup quarter-finals spread over four days this week is a bit of an inconvenience - for television, not just the clubs. But, hey, what if the result of all this congestion and rescheduling is that a properly rested and prepared England do really well at the World Cup, perhaps even win it. Won't it all have been worth it? When the English game then benefits from another boom, the bleating of Alan Pardew and other critics will seem very small-minded."

This is obviously completely unfair on Pardew. I'm sure Pardew and Pearce would be happy to play on Wednesday night. This situation has been created by the FA and there seems to be no logic in playing the four games over four nights.


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