Friday, October 06, 2006

Mascherano Happy With the Hammers

It is interesting to compare the Argentinian coach's comments suggesting West Ham's Argentinian stars should quit West Ham at the first opportunity with Mascherano's own thoughts expressed in last week's match programme.

"I came with the idea of staying a long time. I think when you arrive, and more so in a club like this, you need time to adapt, to get to know it all.

Maybe the first year is just about getting to know it. My idea is to stay a long time. It's not right for a player to spend a year in one country, another year in another, another in another - that's too hard. Not just in terms of football, but the life you lead, for your family, everything. I want to be here for a long time."

Mascherano has impressed me both on the pitch and off. On signing for the club the Argentinian showed he had at least enquired about the history of West Ham by requesting Bobby Moore's number and every time he speaks to the press he says the right things.

Obviously West Ham fans are not completely naive, and of course Mascherano will leave the club if he gets an opportunity that he feels will further his career. Yet despite West Ham's recent poor form Mascherano, as a young player, has impressed me both on and off the pitch.

Conversely I have been slighty disappointed with the impact of Tevez so far. In retrospect I think this is because of the high expectations that have come with the player. On Sunday I think Tevez showed glimpses of his ability against Reading and I have spoken to some Argentinian friends today who are convinced that Tevez is close to being a world beating player.

So I think it is time for Pardew to take the gamble and give the Argentinian's some regular football. Pardew has chopped and changed the team around this season, partly because of injuries, but I think he now needs to decide on his best team and pick a consistent side. The next two games are away to Portsmouth and the Spuds, which are two games we may well lose, but let's at least come out of these games with an established first team. A first team which for me should include Mascherano and Tevez.

Comments please! - dropping Harewood for Tevez doesn't bother me much but I do feel sorry for Mullins.


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