Monday, November 27, 2006

Tevez to be Fined?

A number of the papers today report that Tevez is set to be fined for leaving the ground after West Ham's game on Saturday. This assumption presumably comes from Pardew's post match comments,

"The first time was when I first arrived at West Ham and I fined the player a week’s money because I think it is disrespectful to me, my staff and the players. I will have to listen to his excuse – I’m sure it is just disappointment but that is no good reason. We don’t have that kind of discipline here."

Although Pardew never actually stated he would fine the player Tevez's outburst presumably will hasten his departure from the club. At least one website is speculating that he and Mascherano may feature in some kind of swop for Shaun Wright-Philips. The FIFA rule that a player can't play for more than two clubs in twelve months seems fairly clear but doesn't seem to have stopped speculation that the two Argentinians will soon be leaving West Ham.


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