Friday, May 25, 2007

What Is It With These Clubs?

In light of Richard Scudamore's letter to Sheffield United, in which he made clear that West Ham were guilty of breaching a rule that most clubs were not aware of and that West Ham could easily have avoided by just wording the contracts differently, you would think that the so called Gang of Four' would now shut up.

Not so. According to The Times Fulham have now written to the League asking for,

"... for detailed information about the decision taken by the independent commission to fine West Ham £5.5 million and about the eligibility of Tévez for the last three matches of the season and asked the League whether it offered advice about what the appropriate penalty should be, for a transcript of the hearing, and whether penalties imposed for similar breaches were considered."

These are all points already covered in the letter. Which means that either Fulham officials can't read or are just two stupid to understand its implications.

Fulham have also asked that Sheffield United be allowed to attend the meeting of Premier League clubs next week.

Err no - they are not a Premier League club.

West Ham have been heavily fined for breaking a little known rule, that no over league in the world has. And as Richard Scudamore points out "some Clubs do not actually agree that these third party agreements breach Rule U18".


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