Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wigan Call West Ham Liers

Wigan chairman Dave Whelan has written to the Premier League asking for proof that Argentine striker Carlos Tevez is eligible to play for West Ham.

West Ham say they have ripped up the contract between the club and Joorbachian that broke Premier League rules. Whelen claims that the contract can only be cancelled with the agreement of both parties and is now asking for proof that the contract has been cancelled by both.

This will of course be good news to Chris Riley, who was sacked by JJB Sports for striking over pay. Chris Riley can now go back to Dave Whelen and inform him that whilst Whelen tore up the contract between them, Riley didn't and therefore Riley still has a job and Whelen owes him six months back pay.

I have a feeling that Whelen has now realised that he has no chance of winning a case in court and that this is the last desperate throes of a man who can't accept defeat.

Dave Whelan - possibly the worst loser in the history of sport.


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