Saturday, June 02, 2007

Majority of Clubs Support West Ham

At Friday's AGM of members of the English Premier League the majority of the clubs gave a vote of confidence on the ruling into West Ham's signing of Tevez and Mascherano. The press have of course been quick to jump on the complaints of the three or four clubs at the bottom of the league who opportunistically jumped on the inquiry into West Ham as an opportunity to avoid relegation.

Of course it was always clear that the majority of the clubs in the league were happy with the original judgement and believed the issue was over and done with. Something the press were not so quick to point out.

It has emerged that Fulham are also thinking of taking the ruling to arbitration. But it is also clear that the majority of clubs are urging them to reconsider. The League issued this statement on Fulham's request,

"Fulham FC had informed the board it was their intention to seek arbitration proceedings in relation to the West Ham judgement and the board's subsequent actions. Other member clubs expressed their wish that Fulham FC withdraw these proceedings."

In other words the majority of clubs have told Fulham to eff off, and luckily Fulham will be obliging at the end of next season.


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