Monday, July 16, 2007

Disappointment Turns to Anger

At least it does if you are a reporter. Alan Curbishley's 'disappointment' at Alex Ferguson's claim that Tevez kept West Ham has been exaggerated by the media into an 'angry blast' at Man Utd.

”I was a bit disappointed about Alex’s comments about Tevez keeping us up," Curbishley said. ”Because there were 10 other players out there and a lot of them were big performers for us.

”There was a lot more going on than just Carlos Tevez. Every day has been a Tevez day for the last two months. I have kept my own council and got on with it. But I was disappointed to hear Alex say that.

”We have got to move off and move on. I am not expecting anything. I am just expecting that we are going to Austria and he is not going to be with us. But please don’t keep talking to me about Tevez because there is nothing I can do about it.”

I suspect that Curbs was far more angry with Benayoun,

”I was disappointed with Yossi because I thought he had signed a contract like we all did and it turns out that he hadn’t. When Liverpool came in for him it changed everything and we had to get what we thought was the right price for him.

”I didn’t want Yossi to go and we didn’t need to do the business, but his head was turned.”


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