Tuesday, July 31, 2007

High Court Date Set

August 22nd has been set by the High Court to hear the case revolving around the ownership rights of West Ham United player Carlos Tevez. An out-of-court settlement is still possible with discussions still being held over West Ham's suggestion of Joorabchian paying compensation to West Ham for giving up registration of the Argentinian.

The BBC say that an August 22nd hearing would mean that Tevez could miss the first three games of the season but could still be transferred to Man Utd before the end of the transfer window. Apparently MSI sources are saying the hearing "will take three days". However that should read the hearing 'could' take three days. There is no guarantee that the case will be settled so quickly, but MIS seem to be gambling that the case will be settled in that time and in their favour.

West Ham also seem to feel that they have a strong case. They released the following official statement this afternoon,

"West Ham United will continue to work on achieving an out-of-court settlement on the issues relating to Carlos Tevez.

However, if a settlement, to be agreed by all parties, is not possible then the Club will present a very robust legal case to the High Court if the matter comes before the court on August 22nd."


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