Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Hypocricy of Ferguson

Listen to Alex Ferguson complaining about Liverpool's tapping up of Heinze,

"He's our player and that's the important point. He's not Liverpool's player, despite them going on as if he is their player. The last time I looked he had two years left on his contract, but if he completes his contract and then leaves at the end of it, then that will be fine by us.

"Liverpool are behaving opportunistically, like the rest of them."

Of course Alex Ferguson would never try and steal another team's player. Here is Fergie speaking about Tevez in the same interview,

"I feel more confident now because the agent himself is confident enough to take it to the High Court. You can be embarrassed there if it's not right and you can lose everything, so he must be very confident regarding the situation with West Ham.

"Once it goes to the High Court, it's in the hands of the judge you get on the day and you never know what will happen."

Nice to see Ferguson not acting opportunistically and encouraging the agent of another team's player to take them to court.


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