Saturday, July 07, 2007

Tevez Wants to Learn From Fergie

The Daily Mirror say that Carlos Tevez ia looking forward to working with Alex Ferguson,

"I only know Alex Ferguson from what I see from the outside but I believe he is a great manager and that I will be a good pupil for him."

The Times make a good stab at explaining how the deal might proceed. They say that West Ham having torn up their contract with Joorabchian and assert their rights over Carlos Tevez can't now simply cancel the player's contract. This would merely convince the Premier League that they never tore up the contract in the first place.

To satisfy the Premier League Man Utd must strike a deal with West Ham for Tévez. That means that any fee would have to be paid to West Ham and not Joorabchian.

The Premier League will want to see that a “significant portion” of the transfer fee remained with West Ham and, given that it has power to scrutinise transactions over £25,000, that will be easy. If not again West Ham will be thought to have covered a continuing third party contract with Joorabchian.

To avoid being sued by Joorabchian the club will presumably have to pay compensation but will have to be careful that the amount doesn't raise the suspicions of the league.


At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

West Ham till i die!


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