Friday, October 05, 2007

West Ham Send Bellamy to Germany

Following yesterday's news that Scott Parker is out for three weeks today we learn that Bellamy has been sent to Germany for treatment on his injury. Apparently Bellamy has been sent to the same German quack who has been helping Michael Owen.

The Daily Express quote Mervyn Day as saying,

“We are hoping we will get a definitive answer soon and if we get the same response Newcastle got with Michael Owen in 8-12 days, we’ll be very happy.”

Which suggests that Bellamy will be out for the next two weeks.

West Ham keep releasing these injury updates on the sly and with a positive spin, as if it is good news that the players will be out of contention for a number of weeks. The club are obviously worried at a fan backlash at the club's summer policy of buying players with long injury records.

West Ham were obviously unlucky with Flaubert's injury but no-one has been that surprised with the injuries to Parker, Dyer and Bellamy. In fact the Newcastle blogs have been crowing "We told you so!" all week.


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