Thursday, April 24, 2008

West Ham News Round-Up

George McCartney has spoken out in defence of Alan Curbishley,

"You give fans that improvement and people always seem to want more. Some of us have played 40 games this season and now it starts to catch up on the whole squad.

I think you have seen in that in the last few weeks.

Robert Green has also called for support

"The Derby performance wasn't great - don't get me wrong - but you'd appreciate some understanding that we're not playing the best we can," Green stated. "We've got a lot of guys who have been out of the side and come back in again. for the West Ham manager." say that Craig Bellamy is the fifth worst signing of the season. Apparently they had Upson down as the worst signing of last season - that mistake surely should have taught them not to be such muppets.

James Tomkins has backed Junior Stanislas and Jordan Spence to be the next of the youngsters to break into the West Ham first team,

"There are a few coming through. The next one might well be Junior Stanislas. He is scoring a lot of goals in the youth team and playing in the reserves already. He is going to be impressive while Jordan Spence is doing very well and is captaining England at youth level."


At 11:02 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

I thought it was interesting that McCartney chose to speak out. I can t say that I m surprised,as it can t be too often that a team wins a match,albeit against the team bottom of the league,and gets booed off.

You cud say that it s a one-off comment ,and not to read too much into it, and you cud also say that McCartney was well within his rights to make the comment. Especially given his overall good performance this season- he s in more of a position to make such a comment ,than say Lucas Neill wud be ,despite Neill being captain, simply because Neill has under-performed.

But McCartney s comments do point to a worrying dynamic ,which is what you could call visible tension between not only supporters and the manager ,but between players and the supporters. It could have been convenient and easy for McCartney to take the diplomatic route ,and say that supporters have a right to be disgruntled given recent performances ,and given the way the season has gone. But clearly, McCartney felt that he didn t need to take that route,and that the players have nothing "to apologize for" ,and that if anything , a number of supporters attending matches are in need of taking a look in the mirror regarding their own behavior.

Doesn t exactly make for a bunch of people all pulling in the same direction ,no less one big happy family. Which isn t exactly going to do much to improve performances and results. Players being hacked off with crowd response is not really conducive to them performing their best.

Which again, won t be lost on the owner. Which isn t going to make things any easier for Alan Curbishley ,because even if the booing is well out of order, it s probably not something the owner
is prepared to live with indefinitely. As each week goes by, it now seems more vital than ever ,that come early August ,we have a fully fit squad. Anything less than that and Upton Park is going to be a very ugly place this autumn. And it ain t exactly a stroll through the gardens of spring at the minute.

At 5:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we had a crap season last season and curbs saved us! why is everyone moanin. yes we arent playin excitin football and winnin every game. but we're safe and not gettin relegated. we're bein greedy. lets be happy with a good solid season. and next season if we're still playin crap then get rid of him. lets at least back him till the end of the season. we OWE him that. Jordan, 15, Torquay


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