Tuesday, August 26, 2008

West Ham Deny Bellamy Sale

West Ham have today reacted to a story that Craig Bellamy is in talks with Man City. West Ham United CEO Scott Duxbury said,

"West Ham United have absolutely no intention of selling Craig Bellamy. He is under contract and is committed to the club. Craig remains a very important part of our plans for the future.

"The club is being run on sound football and business principles in order to develop a squad which can deliver success this season. No player would be bought or sold unless that helped to achieve that aim.

"We are not interested in selling players who are committed to the club and essential to our first-team squad.

"If a player refuses to sign a new contract or is not crucial to the manager's plans then we will look at offers on a case by case basis. It is the only sensible way to build for the future.

"We have invested in players this summer identified by the manager who add to the quality of the squad and we will continue to do so as and when appropriate."

The clear suggestion here is that Anton Ferdinand is being sold because he has refused to sign a new contract.


At 1:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time will tell whether there is any validity in claims that Craig Bellamy and others are being offered for sale.

Thus far one player has been purchased in the close season. His arrival and Ferdinand's departure doesn't strengthen the squad and enhance the team's chances of having a successful season, in my opinion.

Furthermore, we may have several other centre halves on the books - problem is none of them are fit enough to play a game of football on grass. I do not see how it makes could sense to sell Fredinand in those circumstances.

Last Friday Curbishley was reporting that Ferdinand was staying, depsite the player already having talks with Sudnerland and a fee having been agreed. So Curbishley is clearly out of the loop regarding player sales.

I don't find much comfort at all in the club's recent statement.

The evidence to date suggests that Curbishley's judgement in the transfer market is exceptionally poor and the club aren't prepared to offer him any more funds. Whether funds would be made available for a.n.other manager is anyone's guess.

Paul Anderson.

At 2:11 PM, Anonymous West_Ham said...

Ferdinand refused to sign a contract. By all accounts he laid down his terms to the board via his agent and made it clear that these were unnegotiable.

The board had to make a decision on this and, rightly so IMO, must have decided that they will not be dictated by any player and so refused Ferdinand's terms. Hence negotiations broke down meaning that Ferdinand could go on a free at the end of his contract. Any board in this situation would accept a bid of £8m and this is why he is being sold. Reading between the lines I suspect the board have made the right decision by allowing this move.

As for AC deciding which players to bring in that definitely seems a bit iffy to me. I think perhaps the board have lost confidence in his ability to sign decent players and have therefore employed Nani and taken the decision making largely away from AC.

The question is does this mean they have lost faith in AC altogether? Right at the same time that our 'Arry seems a bit unsettled and upset...?

At 2:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But its the timing of the Ferdinand transfer that stinks. He had two years remaining on his contract - why renegotiate a week after the start of the season, and 1 week before the tranfer deadline. Maybe some transfer payments fall due on 1st Sept?

Whatever the truth is its hardly indicative of a well run ship.

Paul Anderson.

At 2:53 PM, Blogger whufc84 said...

I have a couple of theories about all of this...



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