Tuesday, April 11, 2006

West Ham Defend Dubai Trip

West Ham director Paul Aldridge has defended the club's trip to Dubai. He said:

"The trip to Dubai had been planned in principal from very early on, and once a date was agreed we discussed the destination with Yossi and Yaniv and, although they did not wish to travel with the squad, they were insistent that the plans were not altered. We were keen to ensure that the benefit we believe the squad will gain from the break was enjoyed by all the players. We therefore arranged a similar break for Yaniv and Yossi in Spain, where they had the advantage of being able to be with their young families.

Surely, this trip was partly intended to be a team building exercise so why did the club decide to go to a country that two of the players couldn't visit? Aldridge seems to be passing the buck onto Yossi and Yaniv, but not only does Israel advise its citizens not to travel to Dubai but Israeli citizens are not allowed into the United Arab Emirates. This had nothing to do therefore with the players' 'wishes'.


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