Friday, August 04, 2006

Lumpard the Disloyal

The Sun today reveals that in his autobiography Frank Lampard reveals how he would look out for West Ham results,

"I remember when Joe Cole first came to Chelsea he would turn away in disappointment if West Ham lost. I would smile. That's how deeply I felt. I wanted West Ham to lose."

Now I've never had much of a problem with Lampard before. I've called him Lumpard more as an affectionate joke than in bitterness as I have long given up expecting players to show any loyalty to their teams. However, Frank Lampard can only have grown up supporting West Ham, the club nutured him as a player and gave him his break into premiership football.

Therefore my new disrespect for the man owes nothing to my being a West Ham fan or Lampard's poor performance in the world cup, it is the same disrepsect I have for any person who changes the club he supports and has no gratitude for those who nutured him.

I can only say that at Chelski he has found his natural home.


At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Greezy Pimp said...

Like you I never really had a problem with Lumparse, his leaving West Ham was inevitable after Uncle 'Arry was outed and of course he's going to cop some stick from the fans when he comes back but it was never like the vitriol reserved for Judus Ince.
So it's a bit disapointing to hear him talk like that and there's no need for it. Does he think it will endear him to Chelsea fans, because if he does he's in for a rude awakening if he plays next season like he did for England during the world cup they'll be on his back faster than Oprah Winfrey on a ham, and then I'll smile.


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