Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Panorama Allegations

In tonight's Panorama investigation into corruption in the Premiership Sam Allardyce was named by three different agents as taking bungs. An allegation that Fat Sam denies. At least one of the bungs involved Sam's agent son, who since the filming of the programme has resigned.

Chelsea's Head of Development and Scouting Frank Arnesen was also filmed apparantly attempting to tap up Middlesbrough's Nathan Porritt. He was filmed offering the player £150,000 spread over three years.

No suprise to anyone was the inclusion of former West Ham manager Harry Rednapp, who was filmed discussing his interest in Blackburn's Andy Todd. The coverage shown on the programme seemed to only involve Rednapp talking of his liking of Todd as a committed player, "he's a hard bastard".

Eighteen past and present Premiership managers were named by individuals who spoke to the Panorama investigations.

The FA have asked to look at the footage not shown by the the BBC because they were worried of the legal repercussions.


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