Friday, September 01, 2006

West Ham the New Chelski

Kumb today report that MSI are promising to give West £100 million to spend on players if they take over the club.

"Today's edition of Folha carries an article in which they claim MSI's takeover bid is worth a total of £200m; a figure that would clear any debts the club held, pay off existing shareholders - and most importantly, grant Alan Pardew a transfer budget of around £100m with which to improve his squad."

How do you respond to this? My support for West Ham has never been about success, how could it be as the club have won so little. For me supporting West Ham has always been about the way our teams have played. On hearing the news of Tevez and Mascherano joining West Ham I have dreamed about us reaching the Champions League this season, but more importantly I have been creaming myself about the football we will see at Upton Park this year.

For me Trevor Brooking is the spirit of West Ham. Whilst a God on the football pitch, my admiration for the man comes just as much from the fact he stayed with the club throughout his career, even when the club was relegated and his own international career was in treat. Conversly I will always tune in to watch Chelski when Joe Cole is playing. Although Cole left the club when we were relegated for me he also represents the 'spirit' of West Ham and the sort of player we have always produced. In fact I hate the way the pundits credit Mourinho with making him a better player. I much preferred the Cole who didn't give a fuck about defence or never worried about losing the ball.

And that is essentially the argument. Although my Chelski friends never believe me I would never want to win the league if I had to watch the dross that comes out of Stamford Bridge every other week. Apart from Cole (and Robben on a good day) I wouldn't pay to watch any of their players.

So this is the dilemma we now find ourselves in. If we are taken over we could reach the heights we have only ever dreamed about. What would you give for Champions League football at Upton Park? Honestly I really don't know - and at the moment anything seems possible. Believe me I haven't stopped smiling for the last 18 hours but I am beginning to feel nostalgic for the club we have always been.

So what do you think? Would a take over be a good thing or are you happy for West Ham to remain the home of football as it should be played - even if that means the occasional relegation? (OMG I wish all my dilemma's were like this)

(And one final point - all I've heard about MSI leads me to think I wouldn't let any of these guys look after my kids let alone my football team - and yes I may have got my priorities wrong here,)


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