Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tevez Pledges Future to West Ham

Like Mascherano before him Carlos Tevez has slammed suggestions he will leave the club at the first opportunity. quotes him as saying,

"I am not someone to throw the towel in easily. I am here for the long-term. It hurts so much to read I can go in the January transfer window - that is nonsense.

Neither Javier or I have come to West Ham to be saviours or just to make ourselves look good as individuals - this is football not tennis. I have come to Europe for a lot of things. The first is to prove I can play here, having shown what I am capable of in South America.

I want to be a success in the Premiership and I am convinced things will work out for me here - it is just a matter of time. Javier and I are receiving the support of all our team-mates at West Ham and if I had not believed in this West Ham project I would not have come here."


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