Friday, October 20, 2006

West Ham Negotiating Over Olympic Stadium

According to the sports minister Richard Caborn West Ham have entered into 'serious negotiations' over moving into the Olympics 2012 stadium. This news comes suspiciously soon after Spurs last week rejected the idea because of concerns that fans would be separated from the pitch by the athletics track.

There have also been reports that Caborn has been encouraging West Ham to talk to one of the club's potential bidders. A potential move into an 80,000 capacity stadium plus the revenue produced by selling The Bolyen seems to be one of the major attractions for both consortiums. News of West Ham's negotions over the Olympic Stadium and support for the bid from a government minister should prove attractive to potential bidders for the club.

Richard Caborn however denies he is acting for either of the consortiums,

"It is completely untrue and totally without foundation to say that I am either supporting or am in any way involved in a potential bid for West Ham. I have not had any contact with either of the reported bidders at any point - nor would I if they approached me as this would be totally inappropriate."

What is true however is that West Ham taking over the new stadium would be good news for everyone apart from Hammer's fans. The present board would potentially make more from selling the club, the new owners would have a guaranteed future pay off from selling The Boleyn and the government would secure the future of the Olympic's showpiece stadium. The fans however can look forward to sitting some distance from the pitch in a potentially half empty stadium.


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