Thursday, November 30, 2006

West Ham's Olympic Move

Eggert Magnusson yesterday met with Olympics minister Tessa Jowell and London mayor Ken Livingstone to discuss West Ham's possible move to the Olympic Stadium post-Olympics. There seem to three main conditions over the possible move:

1. The stadium should still be able to host major athletics events after the games. For which Magnusson seems to favour retractable seating.

2. The stadium would need to be available for different community groups post-Games.

3. West Ham would have to contribute £100million towards costs of any possible conversion after the games.

After the meeting a spokesman for Magnusson said,

"It was a very useful meeting and we fully take on board the points made by the secretary of state and will look at all the options to move forward."

And a spokesperson for Tessa Jowell explained,

"It was agreed that the ball was in West Ham's court. They would reflect on the discussion and decide how they wished to proceed."


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