Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Curbishley Lobbying for West Ham Job

Alan Curbishley has admitted that he has been approached by West Ham and that he would be keen to take the job,

"West Ham want to talk to me and I would love to know what they want to say, of course I'm interested. I suspect we'll get together over the next day or so when the dust settles. This chance would be a massive honour.

West Ham are my club. I come from Canning Town, grew up as a trainee, became a first-team regular and sat at the feet of the incomparable Bobby Moore. The England captain would often give me a lift into training and I've never forgotten the lessons he taught me on and off the pitch, especially how to conduct myself in public.

Once you are brought up in a background like West Ham, the affection you have for the club never goes away. I can easily tap into the fans' passion for the club, what they want and what they stand for."


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