Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Premier League to Throw Book at West Ham

The Guardian today claims that the Premier League is preparing to throw the book at West Ham over the alleged irregularities in the contracts of Mascherano and Tevez. The Guardian is largely supportive of West Ham in its defence against the charges, pointing out that the contracts were materially little different from loan deals between clubs.

It points out that Liverpool chief executive, Rick Parry was happy to take Mascherano on the same conditions that applied to West Ham. Parry also clearly thought that the player's ownership by a third party clearly did not break rule U18 (having a contract that could "materially influence the policies or the performances of its teams").

However The Guardian claims that Liverpool were open in showing the contractual documents to the League whereas as West Ham did not do so until January. This is what seems to be what has annoyed the League and the paper claim that a fine and points deduction seems to be the likely outcome.


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