Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jewell Worried by West Ham Fans

With West Ham having sold more than 5,000 tickets for the Wigan game Paul Jewell is getting a little worried that his side could lose their home advantage. He has therefore called on the club's fans to try and match the West Ham fans,

"Saturday is not a must-win game, but it is a vital one for both sides. This is going to be an occasion when the fans can really play a major role - we need to create a real atmosphere.

The players know what they have to do, but when there is a big crowd behind them, the adrenaline will pump even faster. This is going to be a game for tough minds and tough bodies, when the players are going to have to put themselves on the line for the cause.

At the moment it's in our own hands. We know if we beat West Ham, we keep it that way going into the final home game of the season the week after."


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