Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Acrington Stanley Come to West Ham's Defence

Acrington Stanley chairman Eric Whalley has jumped to West Ham's defence after Paul Jewell joined his chairman in whining about West Ham not having points deducted against them. Whalley says,

"I've read what Paul Jewell has said and it's absolutely ridiculous. He does not know what he is talking about. The West Ham decision was done by a body that has nothing to do with the Football League. It is something separate.

If I was him, I would concentrate on keeping Wigan in the Premiership rather than criticise other clubs."

Whalley's defence of West Ham may have something to do with the fact that Stanley were fined £12,000 in March by the Football League, with half of that sum suspended, for fielding ineligible players.

Fulham and Wigan fans have criticised the fact that Acrington Stanley did not have points deducted. They say that the League only issued a fine because Acrington Stanley are 'a big club' and if it had been Wigan or Fulham then the League would have deducted all the points they had won since the Premiership started.


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