Friday, May 25, 2007

Brighton Join In

According to The Argus Brighton Albion have written to the FA questioning Carlos Tevez's eligibility to play when West Ham beat the club in January.

The club acknowledge that there is no issue if Tevez was eligible to play,

"The fact is the Premier League are insisting he was eligible. In that case we haven't got anywhere to go."

A lot of journalists have kept asking if Brighton would contest the FA Cup result and now they have got their wish. However as Richard Scudamore's letter to Sheffield United pointed out the rule over third party ownership is only held by the Premier League. No other league in the world has the rule and the English FA do not have this rule.

West Ham broke no FA rules, which is why the enquiry into West Ham's ownership of Tevez has been restricted to the League and the FA have not been involved. Of course all this information was available to the journalists if they had just done their jobs.


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