Sunday, May 20, 2007

Clubs Have Gone 'Too Far'

Eggert Magnusson has reacted to the never ending vitriol of certain other football chairmen by saying,

"Some people have gone too far. I've been disappointed at how some people have been allowed to speak about my club after the judgement of the commission. I find it very strange, other clubs commenting [like that] about their fellow clubs. For me, it's over. I don't want to say any more at the moment, but I might do later in the summer."

In his interview with The Independent Magnusson also gave a little hope over Carlos Tevez's future,

"I hope he stays. He is a terrific player and a good guy. He knows the club and fans love him, and that will stick in his mind while he is on holiday."

However The Independent did point out that Tevez left Heathrow last week with 18 suitcases having apparently cleared out his Canary Wharf flat.


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