Friday, May 11, 2007

League Again Clears West Ham

The Premier League has once again been forced to defend West Ham from the increasingly desperate claims of Wigan, Sheffield United, Fulham and Charlton. Yesterday the whining gang of four sent a letter to the League demanding to know how West Ham could have the audacity to play Carlos Tevez.

The League has responded by informing the clubs in words of one syllable that Tevez can play for West Ham.

In fact the league confirmed that documents proving the club's decision to unilaterally terminate the problematic third party agreements had been signed off by Premiership officials the night before West Ham's 3-0 victory over Wigan on Apr 28.

So there is no problem!

However this response from the league has only resulted in Sheffield United chairman Kevin McCabe throwing the mother of all hissy fits. Here is his response to the League's latest statement,

"Why are they treating us like lepers? It's as if we're the ones doing something wrong. Why should we be isolated and described as moaning?"

Which of course can only be answered in one way, "Because you are isolated and moaning like a little girl."

Get over it already!


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