Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Mail Reel Out Hurst

The Daily Mail has enlisted Geoff Hurst in its continuing anti-West Ham campaign. Barely a day goes past without the rag printing some diatribe against the club. Now they have reeled in Hurst. He is quoted as saying,

“The whole thing has been a mess. The way the club have acted is not something you would expect of West Ham. It's been very disappointing. We [West Ham] have always been seen as the second favourite club of many other people, but we are certainly not now with Sheffield United, and others.

“Hopefully, we will see the back of it very shortly. Tevez will go. There was never any real belief that he and Mascherano would stay, anyway.

“The way the deal was structured was a joke — the intention was always to move the players on. It was bad, and maybe the club were lucky to get away with a fine. Arguably a financial penalty was better from a Premier League point of view than deducting a team two or three points. It's such a twisted and tortuous tale and I feel sorry for the fans.”

There is nothing wrong with Hurst's point of view. Most West Ham fans would agree that the old owners of West Ham left the club in a real mess because of the deal they agreed with MSI. The problem is The Mail's daily attacks on West Ham.

Why are The Mail still harping on about the Premier League's original decision. It was agreed by a separate arbitration panel and the story has now moved on.


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