Monday, July 23, 2007

And its Official

This afternoon's press conference surprised no-one when Freddie Ljungberg was unveiled as West Ham's latest signing. Ljungberg has signed a four year contract for a fee that could rise to £3 million. Alan Curbishley described Ljungberg as 'hungry' - luckily Eggy had a few biscuits lying around.

Ljungberg claimed it was the club's ambition that persuaded him to sign,

"I'm coming here because I want to build a great team. And why I want to join is because of Magnusson. He wants to bring them forward to be top of the country.

"He's willing to go to the transfer market to buy top players and mix them with players from the academy - West Ham have a great tradition for developing players through their academy. He wants to help take the club up and take them to the top in England. It's a big challenge for me."


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