Saturday, July 21, 2007

The BBC Explain

Mihir Bose, the BBC Sports editor, in an article entitled "What does the Tevez Affair Teach Us?" has written the best and fairest explanation of the Tevez saga that I have read in the mainstream media.

Bose rightly points out that MSI 'loaned' the two Argentinians to West Ham partly because they thought they would soon be owning the club. However he suggests that they were also meant to be a 'poison pill' preventing anyone else taking over the club.

Bose also points out that West Ham were charged over an 'obscure rule' and that the 'legal advice of many was that West Ham should be able to drive a coach and horses through Rule U 18 - but when it came to the hearing they pleaded guilty.'

Bose's conclusion is that Carlos Tevez will more than likely end up a Man Utd player, West Ham may receive some money but not much and Sheffield United will wait until the affair unfolds and then try to get compensation. Which sounds about right.

There is one point that he doesn't mention and that occurred to me whilst reading his brief history of the 'affair'. Contrary to what Sheffield United and the newspapers now say before the original investigation most of the media were predicting West Ham would receive a fine and not have points deducted. It is only now that they are all calling foul and saying everyone expected a points deduction and a fine shocked everyone.


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