Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MSI Damp Squid

The media and a few deluded Sheffield Utd fans have been creaming themselves over a statement by Kia Joorabchian criticising West Ham. The substance of Joorabchian's claims are that,

"Over the last six months West Ham have made repeated promises and assurances which they have not acted upon or performed."

In fact the only assurance West Ham have given is that they tore up the offending clause between the club and MSI and have acted exactly on that ever since.

"West Ham have consistently provided private assurances while at the same time making contrary statements to the public at large."

Actually whilst David Gill and Joorabchian have been mouthing off to the press at every opportunity West Ham have kept a dignified public silence over what could be described as the tapping-up of one of their players.

He continued,

"We see no alternative but to bring the true circumstances to the attention of a higher authority to aid a rapid conclusion to this issue."

It is not exactly clear if by higher authorities he means God, the Brazilian police (who have issued a warrant for his arrest) or FIFA. If it is FIFA then that is convenient because West Ham themselves sent the case to FIFA Wednesday morning. Hardly the sign of a club desperate to cover things up.

The idiots on talkSh#t are already claiming that they have heard strong rumours that West Ham will be docked six points at the beginning of next season.

When will the media learn that Joorabchian is not to be trusted.

Do they really think if he had damaging documents that he wouldn't have released them weeks ago?

The fact that this statement comes a few hours after West Ham sent the case to FIFA suggests to me that Joorabchian is very worried that he is going to end up with nothing from Tevez's transfer.


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