Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Man Utd Caught Poaching

The media are reporting that West Ham have stopped Carlos Tevez undergoing a medical for Man Utd. Of course what they should be saying is that Man Utd tried to undertake an illegal medical on another team's player.

To undertake a medical both clubs' have to be in agreement. Man Utd have no agreement from West Ham so it seems very strange that they had arranged for Tevez to undergo a medical on Wednesday.

It seems even stranger that the media are reporting this as West Ham stopping the medical, a bit like saying we have stopped them doing a medical on any of our players.

According to The Daily Telegraph West Ham and Man Utd had talks in the Premier League's offices in London today in an effort to resolve the situation but failed to come to any agreement.

A West Ham spokesman confirmed talks had taken place, "Meetings have taken place between the two clubs but no agreement has been reached in relation to Carlos Tevez."


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