Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Man Utd To Defy Premier League?

According to The Mail Man Utd are going to press ahead with giving Carlos Tevez a medical despite being expressly denied permission by West Ham. They quote an unnamed Man Utd spokesperson as saying,

"We expect Carlos Tevez to become a United player. We've flown him in for a medical as a show of force. The player is very excited at the prospect of signing for us. It is only a matter of time."

A quote that I suspect comes from a couple of days ago. They then immediately quote someone 'close to the deal', hoping the reader won't notice that they've switched sources on us. Obviously this source is their man inside the Kia Joorabchian camp whose lies The Mail seem happy to print over and over, despite him having been proved wrong over and over. The different probably non Man-Utd source says,

"It's up to West Ham now. Carlos will have his medical and then they must decide their course of action. Either they can take action against United or they can allow a medical to take place while all the parties continue to seek a resolution."

The Mail claim that Man Utd are quite prepared to defy the Premier League and face charges of 'tapping up' a player. The paper claims West Ham will be too scared to pursue the matter because it would open up a 'can of worms'. The point The Mail seem happy to ignore is that it would be the Premier League who would charge Man Utd. So they would be very foolish to pursue such an action.

Nearly as foolish as The Mail have become by continuously printing Joorabchian's lies and continuously ending up with egg on their face.


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