Thursday, July 19, 2007

Joorabchian Wants Court Action

According to The Daily Express Kia Jooarabchian is keen to take West Ham to the High Court to settle Tevez's registration. Joorabchian appears worried that FIFA will arbitrate in favour of West Ham and could feel he has more chance in the courts.

West Ham tore up the 'third party' agreement it had with MSI and Joorabchian may feel he has a case that West Ham are not legally able to unilaterally terminate the contract. However Joorabchian talking about the courts and Joorabchian actually seeking court action are two different things. There is always the danger he would lose the case.

In the latest twist to the saga MSI are no longer claiming Tevez's ownership but are contesting that he is contracted to the club until 2010. The 'third party' agreement allowed Tevez to leave after a year (the agreement West Ham unilaterally tore up) and that is the agreement under which MSI believe Tevez is free to leave.

What is certainly becoming clear is that Carlos Tevez is unlikely to play for West Ham again. He himself is keen to play for Man Utd,

"I am not interested whether Fifa enter into this or not, but I do want a positive solution to allow me to move to Manchester United in the same way Javier Mascherano joined Liverpool in January.

I see this as only a money problem between clubs. I want West Ham to close the deal so I can play for Manchester United. I have fulfilled the orders of my agents (MSI) and after the final of the Copa America I have travelled to England. I want a solution as quickly as possible.

"I am very grateful to West Ham. The club and the fans are sensational, but when it comes to football, I believe a good transfer will be good for them. I would like the deal completed so I can go on holiday full of peace and calm.

"But I am convinced I will play for Manchester United next season."


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