Friday, July 27, 2007

Quinn Rubbish and Ljungberg Deal

Niall Quinn's attack on West Ham ("People are fighting each other and raising the prices for the same players. You can see it with West Ham and Portsmouth.") looks even more ridiculous this morning as The Sun reveal West Ham signed Freddie Ljungberg on a free.

In effect this means West Ham have spent about £3 million this summer compared to Sunderland's outlay of around £17.5 million. Even if you interpret Quinn's comments as meaning that West Ham are inflating the price of individual players he hasn't got a leg to stand on.

Sunderland splashed out £5 million on Michael Chopra. So if we take Chopra as the benchmark - what value a Bellamy or a Parker. You have got to say they must be worth at least three times what you would pay for Chopra. So it looks like we got those two on a steal and Quinn is talking out of what he normally sits on.


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