Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dyer's Mystery Illness

With Kieron Dyer's transfer to West Ham now looking that it will finally go ahead fans are wondering about The Sunday Mirror's claim that Dyer's medical revealed a 'specific problem'. The Mirror claim that a consultant said that despite the 'problem' Dyer would be able to fulfil a four year contract.

I have read rumours that Dyer has Hepatitis B and West Ham Till I Die mention a liver problem that would involve a transplant later in life. Which actually sounds a little more serious than Hepatitis B.

Presumably it is the same illness that has affected Kieron Dyer for a number of years. In 2005 Newcastle felt forced to inform increasingly frustrated Geordie fans that Dyer was actually suffering from an illness and not just malingering,

"Kieron Dyer has a medical problem which has contributed to his lack of fitness. Unfortunately, he has suffered another reaction."

If it is Hepatitis B then that in itself should not seriously affect Dyer's ability to play football. However Dyer's susceptibility to injuries as well does raise the suspicion that he actually suffers from a debilitating illness.

Whatever it is one thing is certain, the treatment room at West Ham is likely to be a busy place this year.


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