Thursday, August 16, 2007

West Ham Can Just Say No to Baldes

Sheffield United statement:

It seems the basis of the claim is that West Ham in lying to the Premier League over the signings of Mascherano and Tevez are in breach of its contract with all the other Premier League clubs.

The biggest joke here is that the money-grabbing, ambulance chasing muppets claim they are taking this action "To help restore integrity to the reputation of English football" whilst at the same time dragging it head first through the mud.

The BBC says,

"United (Sheffield) are seeking West Ham's agreement to go to arbitration through the Football Association in order to settle their claim."

Some posters on Hammers Mad have suggested that the Blades are actually attempting to get West Ham to be judged by a 'court' set up by the FA and headed by a real judge. If true this begs two questions,

1. Whay have the FA allowed themselves to be dragged into Sheffied United's raving delusions?

2. Why the hell would West Ham agree to it?


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