Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tevez Done and Dusted

West Ham and MSI have reached an out of court agreement over the registration of Carlos Tevez. The rumours say that MSI will pay West Ham between one to three million pounds and if that is ratified by the Premier League then the whole sorry mess will come to an end.

It is probable that the Premier League will ratify the decision as West Ham and MSI, who have been negotiating all day, are believed to have kept the Premier League informed of the progress of the discussions.

Hopefully all that will remain ast the end of tomorrow is to see how Sheffield United respond. As KUMB report tonight,

"As far as we are aware, Kevin McCabe has yet to comment, but we expect more falsehoods and hypocrisy out of Yorkshire as soon as Sky can get a microphone in front of the less than camera-shy property developer."


At 9:21 AM, Blogger RapidHammer said...

The Telegraph and The Times report the amount to be paid to West Ham is £ 2 mio. This is almost the part of the fine which WHU had to pay for breeching the "third party-rule" (£ 2,5 of the £ 5,5 mio). As I commented the day before yesterday the "explosive document" of Dec 1st wasn't that bad for West Ham. West Ham's lawyers must have argued very well in the talks which led to the out of court settlement. Now Kia has to make a decent contribution to the fine, that's a fair and satisfying result imop.


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