Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Mail attack West Ham Shocker

It is nice to see that The Mail have returned to their anti-West Ham ways. I have begun to miss last season's daily attacks on West Ham which seem to have become more sporadic this season.

However today The Mail have managed to twist Harry Redknapp's thoughts on the England manager job into a direct attack on Alan Curbishley. Redknapp said that any English manager who turned down the England job would be a traitor. The Mail have turned that into a headline saying Curbishley is a traitor and claim Redknapp has 'slammed' Curbishley, when he has done no such thing.

Anyway I much preferred Steve Coppell's comments on Match of the Day yesterday to Harry's fairly blatant bid for the England job. When asked about being spoken of as the next England manager he complained how the papers kept misspelling his name by putting an 'o' at the end of it.


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