Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ashton to Leave West Ham?

The Daily Star are the first of the tabloids to draw the conclusion that Dean Ashton's presence on the bench in West Ham's last two games means that there is a rift between the player and Curbishley.

The Star say the that West Ham promised to open contract talks with Ashton before Christmas. However no offer was made and "now Ashton is unsure whether he plays a major role in Curbishley's thoughts."

With West Ham's injury problems The Star find it incredible that Ashton didn't start against Arsenal. After seeing the success of the 4-5-1 formation against Man Utd it wasn't that surprising that West Ham went for the same formation against Arsenal.

A more telling sign will come this Saturday when West Ham are at home to City.


At 3:19 AM, Anonymous Uptonic said...

the reason ashton didnt figure was due to the fact that curbs wanted to pack out his midfield to tackle the arsenal attack as he did successfully in west ham's win over manu td in the previous game.

Ashton is still far from completely fit and cole has legs so can play the role of troubling defences with his pace and stamina.

Ashton will figure when Bellamy is back as Bellamy can play off him leaving Ashton to lay the ball off and get in poaching positions.

The papers are just trying to fill tabloid space so I wouldnt take any notice.


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