Saturday, January 12, 2008

Faubert Wants to Pleasure You

Julien Faubert was thrilled to make his d├ębut today for West Ham, no matter how brief his appearance. Faubert was brought on late against Fulham and played the last two minutes of the match.

"I am very happy," said the Franch winger. "I want to give pleasure to the fans and to do that I have to be on the pitch."

"I heard them (the fans) supporting me and I am very happy. There was a big cheer when I was preparing. I just played two minutes but for me, and for my mind, it was good. I hope I can play maybe 25 minutes or 45 minutes in the FA Cup. For my body, it is good to play. I want to be in contention for the next match."

However it looks like Faubert's wish will be thwarted by the West Ham manager,

"To be honest, it is too early for Faubert," Curbishley said after the game. "He has played half a game in the reserves on Monday. He is still going through a pre-season situation but Freddie Ljungberg came off injured against Arsenal so I didn't know if he was going to last. Lee Bowyer has been out for eight weeks so I didn't know if he was going to last.

"I spoke to Julian yesterday and he was so keen. He said he felt really good but I am not too sure how long he would have lasted. I didn't want to expose him. We have waited so long to get him fit and we have still got to wait a little longer. It was good to get him out there, the fans have seen him for a minute."


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