Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ljungberg Staying at West Ham

Freddie Ljungberg has laughd off suggestions that he will be one of the victims of a summer cull at West Ham. The national press gave reported this week that West Ham had been offering Ljungberg around to other clubs in a bid to reduce its wage bill.

"We have worked really well and I think I was voted the best player last month so I can't really complain," said Ljungberg.

"Maybe there will be [people leaving], we have a very big squad and maybe they will if they are going to bring in some players. But I think whatever the manager does to make the squad better or the team better, that is a good thing."

"I am looking forward to it [next season]. When I joined they said they wanted to build a new team and maybe a little bit like Chelsea did, they are willing to spend the money to make a great side, and that is probably the same thing we will do this summer - spend a bit and go a bit further on.

"But I hope we will still reach Europe [this season] to be honest and that would be great because it is fantastic for the club to get good experience playing in Europe."

"To be honest I am disappointed about the Everton game, I think we played quite well and maybe we should have won the game and then definitely we would have been back on track so to speak, but after three four-nils of course it is better.

"But I think we have to look forward, and if we can play like that against Everton and they are fourth or fifth, we should have won the game away, I think we can look forward and look to better things to be honest."


At 9:57 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

IF the guy wasn t producing, that wud be one thing, but that isn t the case now,even if it may have been at the beginning. He s looked sharp and been taking players on in most fixtures. In the home match against Birmingham, he may have been just about the only player who did himself justice on the day, and helped prevent an embarrassing defeat.


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