Monday, April 14, 2008

Ferdinand Out For the Season

West Ham's Anton Ferdinand is set to undergo scans on his hamstring but Curbishley thinks he is out for the rest of the season.

It looks like Anton will be out for the rest of the season," Curbishley said.

"His injury just sums up the kind of problems we have been having. It was a blow for us so early in the game. But we just have to get on with it."

Jordan Spence's will captain England Under-18s against Austria Wednesday night (although there seems to be some confusion here - the FA say Wednesday & the West Ham official site says Tuesday.)

The game is a friendly and kicks off at 7pm at Victoria Park, Hartlepool United FC.


At 10:49 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

To a degree I sympathize with the manager- we just manage to get Upson back, and then this happens. On top of what happened to Neill the previous week. On the other hand, why is it that no other club suffers to this degree? Why is it that this has been a problem not only this season, but last season and also under Pardew and Roeder?

It simply is not a fluke. West Ham medical staff will resent hearing it, but the facts are that too many of our players are falling injured,and it s taking too many of them too long to recover. At some level ,the medical staff has to absorb a portion of the responsibility for that ,as does the owner. Is the medical team good enough ,and are they being given sufficient resources to do their job properly?

Are our training facilities up to snuff ,or are they adding to the problem?

And again, what about our training routines before and during the season?

You simply do not accumulate this range of injuries over a season, or over 5 seasons, including when we were relegated partly due to losing players like Kanoute and others to injury,merely because of bad luck. Is there an element of bad luck? It certainly looks that way. But bad luck is not anywhere near the whole story. And it may indeed only make up a small part of the story.

But this much is clear. We can forget about a new stadium, or increased capacity at UP having any positive impact ,if we can t deal properly with what has become an absolute debacle in terms of the fitness of our players.

It is asking the players to compete with one hand behind their back ,if we can t "compete" better from a medical treatment(and prevention ) point of view. This owner has no chance in hell of moving this club firmly into the top half of the table anytime soon,if he doesn t take this on board.


The owner talks about reducing the wage bill. One way of reducing the wage bill is taking steps to reduce the number of injuries that occur in the first place,thereby reducing the need to make panic buys in the transfer market. If the owner puts as much effort into upgrading our medical team/facilities/program as he puts into marketing club merchandise, then the club just might progress.


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