Sunday, April 27, 2008

Unlucky West Ham Lose Ljungberg

The Express say "West Ham went at Newcastle from the off" and "had the best chances to win" but for a 'fortunate' equaliser.

The Mail claim West Ham "coasted to a two-goal lead ... They outmanoeuvred, out-thought and outfought Newcastle from the start." The Telegraph say that "the home side were hugely superior.". The Telegraph also notice that "Uriah Rennie refused to award the Hammers a penalty when the ball clearly hit Michael Owen on the hand."

The Independent says that "the result didn't reflect (West Ham's) dominance.". Like The Telegraph they say that "West Ham ought to have had a penalty late in the day when Michael Owen handled in front of referee Uriah Rennie."

After the game Keegan said he would "rather be a lucky manager than a good one". Alan Curbishley must consider himself an unlucky one. Not only did he see West Ham lose a two goal lead to practically Newcastle's only attempts on goal, he saw Rennie ignore a blatant penalty for West Ham and, through Ljungberg suffering a cracked rib, he lost another player for the rest of the season.


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