Sunday, April 06, 2008

West Ham Sunday Gossip

Just the one bit of news this morning, from The Sunday Mirror. They say that West Ham are chasing Cagliari star Pasquale Foggia. He is currently on loan at Cagliari from Lazio.

The 24-year-old can play on either wing or behind the strikers and his form for Cagliari earned him his Italy debut against Georgia earlier this season.

Its funny how since the announcement that West Ham are to appoint Nani as technical director we only get linked with Italian players.


At 10:27 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

It will be interesting to see how may,if any of the Italian links become genuine possibilities,no less actually come to pass. To a degree this sounds like newspapers being lazy and making the easiest connection they can find, or hyping the easiest rumour/remote possibility they can find.

I m sure some good will come from Nani s appointment, in terms of getting players in from outside the UK,be it from Italy,elsewhere in Europe ,or other continents for that matter.

I hope that Nani s appointment does not result in us ignoring talent within the UK. As an example, when you consider how short of strikers we have been this term, I think the club made a mistake in not getting hold of Leroy Lita on loan. I think there would have been very little,if any downside in doing so. Another example is James McFadden. Is he a Thierry Henry ? Of course not ,but he could have been very useful to us certainly this season, and probably beyond,even if we ultimately brought in a more "high profile" striker down the road. Neither Lita ,nor McFadden ,woul dhave required a big outlay,either on loan or as outright purchases,so I think we ve left ourselves unnecessarily short of options this term. And the result will probably be a points total 5 to 8 points below what it could/should have been.

I appreciate that the bulk of our resources and time shud be focused on long term solutions, which probably requires looking abroad, but at times there does need to be a shorter term focus,which definitely shud not exclude domestic talent available, especially talent available at a comparatively "reasonable" price.

Obviously ,dealing in the January window is tough, but I think that at times ,we make it out to be more impossible at West Ham than it really is ,or needs to be


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