Monday, April 28, 2008

West Ham to Deny Man Utd Another Title?

Not only has a Manchester United game become a bit of a banker but West Ham have more than once stopped Manchester United taking the title. West Ham have nothing to play for but pride on Saturday whereas the Manchester United players could be forgiven for being more than a little nervous. So could West Ham be the title destroyers once again?

Much will probably depend on the fitness of Upson. I can't see Neil and Tomkins keeping out the normally rampant Man Utd attack. Alan Curbishley certainly seems to be hinting that Tomkins could be in the side,

"Some of the players who have perhaps only seen [Old Trafford] on the TV might get a chance, you know it could be another learning curve for one or two of them," said the West Ham manager.

For me the game will also be one of those odd games that sometimes occur at the end of a season when you don't mind too much if your team loses because of the impact it will have on other teams. So whilst I would like to see West Ham continue their recent run of wins against Man Utd I won't be overly upset if a West Ham loss denies Chelsea the title.


At 11:12 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

I think the comment on nerves is accurate,especially given questions about Rooney s availability. I don t think it will hurt our cause that they will have played a Champions League semi just days before either.

Man Utd have had chances to seal it in recent weeks at Boro and Blackburn ,and haven t done it. The manner in which a few of their players carried on at the end at Stamford Bridge also suggests nerves are getting to them. No matter what happens from here,they are hanging on a bit . Even if they end up winning the title ,and especially if they do so only by goal difference, it shows chinks in the armor.

I wouldn t be so bold as suggest we can get more than a point there, but i don t feel that a point is beyond us either . To say we have nothing to play for but pride isn t the case. A top half finish,and a finish on 50 points or more ,is plenty to play for. Beyond that it s been documented that there are financial incentives fo rthe players and staff to maintain the tenth spot. Should Upson be back, I think we have a real chance.

And were we to able to get the interval without conceding .I think the nerves wud really begin to show on the opposition. Nothing worse than seeing a bird in the hand slip right thru your fingers ,and at the minute, that is exactly what is happening up north.

you can say what you like about about goal scoring production this season, and in fairness ,it hasn t been pretty. But the speed with which we scored on Saturday,and the quality of the our goals on Saturday will be of concern to Ferguson. And to his defenders.

At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

not a bad thing that we can have an effect on the title race. and not a bad thing that we re televised either.

wouldn t be the first time.....

At 2:31 PM, Blogger RapidHammer said...

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At 2:34 PM, Blogger RapidHammer said...

I think West Ham still has something to play for. If they win at least 1 point at Old Trafford and 1 point against Villa at home they will finish 10th in the League - above Sp@rs!!

At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Lew said...

You know how the old adage goes..

When you're in desperate need of three points, you can count on getting them against West Ham!

I think they're going to get revenge for those three successive victories with a convincing win. Ah well.


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