Saturday, June 14, 2008

No New Signings at West Ham

Everything seems to have gone very quiet indeed.

I think I read on one of the West Ham forums that apart from Scott Parker West Ham haven't signed a player before June for many a season.

My feelings are that there will be no big signings this window but one or two squad players might be brought in. Before this happens I think we are likely to see two or three players going in the opposite direction.

I also wonder if West Ham are waiting for the outcome of Sheffield United's compensation claim. The decision is supposedly due some time at the end of this month - and the club may wish to ensure that they don't have to cough up millions to SUFC before splashing out on bringing players in.

Which is a rather long winded way of saying I have no news and nary a clue.


At 7:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think your point on awaiting the outcome of the Sheffield United claim is a good one. Although I feel that it is highly unlikely that Sheffield United will win the claim, and although I also feel that if SUFC were awarded anything that we would vigorously appeal against any such award,the club may be choosing to play it safe. Which is understandable. In the event of an unfavorable decision,I would imagine that the club would take an appeal process as far as is required to nullify such a decision. The problem is that if that became necessary ,the legal costs would become quite substantial. Given that 4 or more panels have already ruled against Sheffield United,and given that it was the Premier League who determined what WHU s punishment would be, and not West Ham itself that determined its own punishment ,I find it difficult to believe that this ruling will go against West Ham. One other thing is that had Sheffield United gotten the required result at the end of the season in question, they would not be in court now -their destiny was in their own hands and they failed to control it,with or without West Ham s alleged misdeeds.

But strange things happen in life,and the club .rightfully so in my view, cannot rule out this decision going against it,even if that appears unlikely. My sense is that once this is resolved ,our activity in the transfer market will pick up quickly. That said,I think our activity will be focused on bringing in a maximum of two players, perhaps only one if the club can t find what it requires at a suitable price. I think one thing we can be sure of- regardless of the silly money being bandied about by the wealthy clubs in the league, WHU are not going to be paying over the odds for anybody,no matter how good the player.

the coming season looks lile its going to rely on the return to fitness of key players who could not take part last term,rather than on new additions. Not pretty,but i think it s reality.

g portugal


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