Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lanzafame Joins Palermo

West Ham's hopes of luring Davide Lanzafame on a year's loan have finally be scuppered.

At one point it seemed like a deal between Juventus and West Ham had been reached which would have seen the young striker move to West Ham for a year. However Juve then made a move for Palermo's Amauri and Palermo apparently asked for 50 per cent ownership of Lanzafame as part of the agreement.

Lanzafame, however, made his thoughts clear when he said,

"Palermo and West Ham are both huge clubs. But at my age I think it would be beneficial to get experience abroad, which would enhance me not only as a footballer, but also from a linguistic and lifestyle point of view."

Palermo have in the end actually bought Lanzafame outright and he will now have to suffer the sun and beaches of Sicily rather than enjoy the traffic jams of Barking Road.


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